Meet Dr. Luis F. Cabrera

Dr. Luis F. Cabrera has focused his practice on cosmetic dentistry with an emphasis on oral rehabilitations since he began working in the field of dentistry in 1979. He received his dental degree, Doctor in Dental Surgery (DDS) from San Carlos University School of Dentistry in Guatemala in 1979. He maintained a cosmetic dental practice and a teaching appointment (Clinical Instructor and Didactic Professor) with Removable Prosthodontic Department at San Carlos University School of Dentistry until 1982 when he moved to Birmingham, Alabama to further his studies in the filed of oral rehabilitation.

He enjoyed sports, especially basketball, since early age in primary and high school years. He helped his High School, Liceo Guatemala in obtaining High School National Championships, during his Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. Upon graduating from high school and entering San Carlos University he continued playing basketball and was instrumental in National Basketball Championships during the three years with them. He was selected for the Guatemala National Basketball team in 1978 until he moved to United State in 1982. He represented Guatemala in Basketball tournaments in United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Dr. Cabrera married Susana Cabrera in Guatemala City 1977, and in 1982 moved with his wife and three sons with the plan of 2-3 years to Alabama to obtain and accomplish his long time dream of specializing in the oral reconstruction field at University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Dentistry. Their oldest son, José, was 4 years old, their second son, Juan, was 3 years old, and their third son, Martín, just had turned 1 year old. Their last child, and only daughter Luisa, was born in Birmingham in 1984.

Dr. Cabrera began his graduate studies at the University of Alabama (UAB), School of Dentistry in 1982, earning his specialties in Removable Prosthodontist, Fixed Removable Prosthodontist and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, and at the same time he was awarded his Master degree in Science (M.S.) in 1985. He maintained and continued his appointments at UAB while serving as a Clinical Instructor (1983-1984), then in the Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Unit as Chief Resident at the University Hospital System (1984-1985); then he participated as University Hospital Staff (1985-1989); and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry UAB (1985-1993). While at UAB he had numerous teaching appointments including: Maxillofacial Prosthetic Program Instructor UAB Hospital System (1985-1989); Director Complete Dentures Program, UAB (1986-1989); Director Removable Partial Dentures Program, UAB (1986-1989); Acting Director Removable Prosthodontic and Maxillofacial Programs, UAB (1988-1989); Cleft Palate Team, University Hospital System UAB (1988-1990).

He continued his position as Assistant Professor at UAB and at the same time embarked in obtaining his American Dental Degree from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry earning his Doctor in Medical Dentistry (DMD) degree in 1991.  He maintained his teaching position at the School of Dentistry UAB until entering a full time private practice in 1993.

In January of 2007, Dr. Cabrera opened a state of the art 5,000 square-foot office in the vibrant Cahaba Heights area of Birmingham, Alabama. The office is a showcase for beautiful craftsmanship. The massive wood columns on the outside corridor and in the inside of the office are made of solid cedar wood from the Guatemala’s rain forest. All the interior woodwork for the doors and bookcases (solid mahogany) come from the finest mahogany trees in the northern part of the high mountains of Guatemala. The immense iron gate, multiple massive balconies, as well as the large chandeliers, and interior and exterior lights fixtures were handcrafted by the “maestro” of iron handiwork in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. All bathroom walls are covered with ceramic tile from the southern part of the country of Spain. The reception desks are made of beautiful Brazilian granite and handcrafted by a local “master” of granite (originally from Lebanon).

Dr. Cabrera has devoted his professional career to all aspects of Prosthodontics, Oral Implants, Oral Reconstruction and General Dentistry. His practice provides all necessary treatments for maintaining excellent oral conditions from dental cleanings, tooth color restorations, single crowns, full mouth reconstructions, dental implants, removable partial dentures, complete dentures to the most difficult dental treatments, such as congenitally missing teeth, dental syndromes reconstructions, oral cancer rehabilitations, oral trauma reconstructions and/or medically compromise patients with oral needs.